The West Virginia University (WVU) and Greater Morgantown Safe Communities Initiative represents a collaboration of individuals representing numerous WVU schools, departments and offices; municipal and county government officials, including the mayor, deputy mayor, and police and fire department chiefs; a member of the WV House of Delegates representing Monongalia County; and many other community partners representing business, nongovernment organizations, advocates, federal agencies, and others.

The organization of the Initiative is headed by representatives of WVU and the City of Morgantown as co-chairs heading the steering committee. The steering committee also includes a communications leader and a secretary/facilitator. The full initiative is further organized by tasks associated with injury topic areas, and also includes an overarching data committee, which oversees the gathering and analysis of data from multiple sources.

The WVU and Greater Morgantown Safe Communities Initiative was formally endorsed by West Virginia University, the City of Morgantown, and Monongalia County by means of a letter of intent dated April 14, 2014, and signed by WVU President E. Gordon Gee, Morgantown Mayor Jenny Selin, and Monongalia County Commission President Bill Bartolo. Letters of organizational support were provided by WV House of Delegates Representative from Monongalia County, Barbara Evans Fleischauer, the WVU Injury Control Research Center, and the Monongalia County Health Department.

The WVU and Greater Morgantown Safe Communities Initiative officially formed on September 10, 2013. Key stakeholder meetings have been held approximately every quarter since then, and have been held either on WVU’s campus, and the off-campus site of the WVU Injury Control Research Center, or at the Monongalia County Department of Health.


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