There are many reasons why it’s great to live in an area that takes pride in it’s people. Monongalia is one such county not only in West Virginia, but the United States! We are a county that is one of the healthiest in West Virginia. Yes, we do have significant issues that we are addressing….one of which is the negative impact of alcohol in our community.  The good news is through the WVU-Greater Morgantown Safe Communities Initiative (SCI) we are committed to addressing this issue as well as creating programs to prevent injuries and deaths related to intentional and unintentional accidents. The SCI is a coalition of community partners that are committed to continuously improving the wellbeing of our residents. Our commitment to coming together for the goal of improving our lives has been recognized by the National Safety Council through the SCI being accredited as a Safe Community as well as our recognition as one of the TOP 50 Healthiest Cities and Counties in the United States by the Aetna Foundation, American Public Health Association and the National Association of Counties.

The County Health Rankings and RoadmapsBuilding A Culture of Health, County by County ( is a project that has been undertaken to assesses the health status of our country. I would encourage you to take the time to review our county’s health ranking, our strong areas, areas we need to improve and how we compare to other counties in West Virginia and the United States.

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