We Live in an Accredited Safe Community!

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Join us in recognizing our community dedicated to building partnerships, enhancing resources and reducing injuries and deaths on Safe Communities America Day Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. We became the 28th community in the United States to be accredited as a safe community. We are the first in the global safe community that has the commitment to safety that involve a University, County and City! This means we are a community of citizens that are dedicated to making our safe community…SAFER! We will decide what we want our community to be…we have that power!

To celebrate Safe Communities America Day here are things you can do on October 5 and hopefully beyond to make our community safer:

*Do Not Drink and Drive, Walk or Cycle/Wear a Helmet when you ride a Motorcycle or Bicycle/Wear a Seatbelt/Volunteer to be a Mentor to help the ones in our community that need help/Drop-off all unused Medications on Med Drop-Off days/Pullover when you Text/Smile at someone that looks like they could use a Smile/Help someone find Purpose in their Life/Move over for a Pedestrian/Lock your gun/Check your Smoke Detector or Help a Friend get one*

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